What are the safety and guardrail requirements of industrial stepping platforms

by:Zeyi     2022-02-02
Industrial stepping platforms are widely used in aviation, subway, industry and other fields. Do you know what are the safety and guardrail requirements of industrial stepping platforms? The following editor will talk about it! The safety requirements of stepping platforms: 1. Single-step stepping Step height H≤3000MM2. Step depth T≥80MM, standard width Tu003d160MM/240MM 3. In the same ladder, the treadle height H should be the same, H≤250MM 4. Step width 600MM≤W≤1200, recommended width Wu003d8005 . Step angle a, different angles can be selected according to the site and use requirements. a: Very easy to climb: au003d30°Standard stairs: au003d45°Space saving: au003d60°Safety requirements for guardrail: 1. At least one step Handrails need to be arranged on the side. If the step width exceeds 1200mm, both sides need to be arranged. 2. The step height is recommended to be 200mm3.1200mm wide. The total load of the platform should not exceed 350kg 4.1200mm wide. A single step load should not exceed 150kg; 5. Handrails and guardrails The maximum distance between the columns should not exceed 1200mm: 6. The total height of the handrail guardrail H≥1100, the height of the first layer beam H≤500mm: the height of the second layer beam h1≤1000 is the requirement for safety and guardrails of the industrial stepping platform, hope Can help everyone!
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