What are the specifications of broken bridge doors and windows? Why is there a price difference?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-03
The size of the profile of broken bridge doors and windows is mainly marked by the height of the profile, forming a size series. The aluminum door and window profiles mainly have 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 80, 90, 100 mm size series. 1. Broken bridge aluminum 50 series, which means that the total width of this profile is 5cm in width, 60 series is 6cm in width, 80 series is 8cm in width; of course, we have heard of 55 broken bridge aluminum 65 broken bridge Aluminum profile is 5.5cm and 6.5cm in width; 2. In Broken Bridge Aluminum 50 series~60 series, the wall thickness of the profile is basically the national standard 1.4mm thickness, and the main difference lies in the black heat insulation strip in the middle of the profile. The difference in width, 50 series and 60 series is the difference of 1cm width of the heat insulation strip; 3. And the broken bridge aluminum reaches more than 70 series, the difference from others is not only the difference in the width of the black sealing strip, but also in the profile For the difference in wall thickness, the wall thickness of profiles above 70 series should be 1.8mm or above; 4. For general home decoration, 55 series broken bridge aluminum has become mainstream for sliding windows; its price and width are affordable Sufficient use and safety can reach the standard; 5. Conventional casement windows can also be used to reach the 50 series and 60 series. If the standard is higher, it will be upgraded; there are price differences between different door and window profiles. 1. Aluminum Ingot factor. Domestic aluminum profile manufacturers, due to different scales and conditions, produce very different aluminum profiles. In order to save costs, some manufacturers use recycled aluminum, resulting in an average price of several hundred to several thousand yuan lower than the market for each ton of profile products. . 2. The alloy composition is different. The door and window aluminum profiles produced by our company are conventional standard profiles. The material is generally 6063-T5, while the material of 6063 is generally made of magnesium, aluminum, silicon and other elements. However, the price of magnesium in China is relatively high. Some manufacturers want to save costs. , Then the content of magnesium is reduced to the minimum content of the standard or lower than the standard content. 3. Choice of national standard and European standard. The national standard follows a certain national standard process, and the requirements for the alloy ratio and surface treatment of the material are not very high. After the door and window profiles are used for a period of time, the surface will begin to discolor and rust, which greatly affects the appearance. Therefore, the price of the national standard is relatively cheaper. The European standard adopts the European standard production process, which requires very high material, surface treatment and precision. At the same time, the price is higher than the national standard profile.
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