What are the structural advantages of industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-08-31
profiles have excellent performance such as strong corrosion resistance, light weight, easy cleaning, and easy disassembly and installation, which are unmatched by other metal materials and are widely used in various fields. So, what are the structural advantages of industrial aluminum profiles? The design of    aluminum profile is very ingenious. It is designed after research by professionals in many fields. Due to the use of industrial aluminum profile profiles, it can be assembled into various structural types according to different needs by applying the principle of building blocks, which simplifies the design and shortens the production cycle. Compared with the sheet structure, it avoids complicated structures, numerous parts, and heavy design workload Series shortcomings.   The production process of aluminum profiles is also very rigorous, and every link needs to be strictly checked by us. Only in this way can the products produced meet the production needs. Because the processing procedures of the industrial aluminum profile structure only need blanking, perforation and few bending, the processing is simple, the assembly is convenient, the multi-process processing of the sheet metal structure is avoided, and the production process is greatly simplified. At the same time, it reduces the labor intensity of a large amount of manual operation of sheet metal, which not only improves the production efficiency but also facilitates the use of automated production methods.  According to statistics, a desktop metal sheet case requires about 40 molds, while the industrial aluminum profile structure only needs 20 sets at most. This greatly reduces the number of tools and molds. After the electronic instrument chassis adopts the aluminum industrial aluminum profile profile structure, it is about 60% lighter than the original black metal sheet metal structure. The use of industrial aluminum profile can effectively reduce the weight of the equipment. After reading the above introduction, do you feel that aluminum profiles are very convenient to use compared to other materials. Aluminum profiles are not only easy to install and easy to clean during the overall operation and use, aluminum profiles are really a cost-effective Very high industrial metal material.
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