What are the technical characteristics of system doors and windows?

by:Zeyi     2022-01-28
The technical characteristics of doors and windows in our country are vast territory, wide latitude, far from the sea, different terrain, diverse terrain types, and diverse mountain directions. Therefore, the combination of temperature and precipitation is diverse, forming a variety of climates. This has different requirements for the performance of building doors and windows. The north is located in the high-cold area, the climate is cold, and doors and windows are required to have good insulation performance; the southern tropical climate, with heavy annual rainfall, is often accompanied by typhoon landings, and doors and windows are required to have good air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance; and In the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, during the rainy season, the air humidity is relatively high, which requires doors and windows to have good watertight performance. As a system door and window, it should be determined according to the performance of the door and window in the development stage. From the development of doors and windows to trial production, testing and finalization, a closed-loop research and development process has been formed. The doors and windows produced must meet the established performance requirements of the system. Water tightness is one of the key properties of aluminum profile doors and windows. We often see in news reports that a large number of building doors and windows are leaking due to heavy rain in a certain underground, and all interior decorations are flooded. Therefore, improving the watertight performance of doors and windows is the primary consideration in the design of doors and windows. In the drainage structure design of system doors and windows, the most important is the equal pressure design principle. The pressure of the watertight chamber is equal to the outdoor atmospheric pressure to ensure that the rainwater entering the doors and windows is smoothly discharged outside. No matter how bad the outdoor environment is, heavy rain or typhoon, the air pressure of the closed door and window room is always the same as that of the outdoor, and there will be no backflow of rainwater, which fundamentally guarantees the waterproof performance of the doors and windows. In addition, water blocking alone cannot improve the waterproof performance of doors and windows. Traditional doors and windows often rely on the sealant inside and outside the glass for waterproofing. However, there are many uncontrollable factors in the sealant construction process. The level of sealant workers will directly affect the quality of sealant construction, and there may be hidden dangers in construction quality and the possibility of water leakage. The sealant itself also exhibits thermal expansion and contraction. After the hot and cold temperature changes in winter and summer, the glue joints in the door and window seals are easy to crack, causing water leakage. The quality of the sealants on the market is also uneven, and the aging time is too short. Some sealants will fail and lose their deformability after several years of use. The drainage design concept of system doors and windows takes 'drainage' as the core. No matter how good the sealing measures are, there is no absolute isolation from rainwater. Based on the principle of equal pressure, the design of system doors and windows also considers the possibility of various water inlet channels. In the case of various possible water leakage, set up drainage ditch. For example, in the drainage design of sliding windows, it is necessary to consider not only the drainage channel of indoor condensate water, but also the water receiving capacity of indoor and outdoor fans, and the setting of drainage channels should be considered reasonably to ensure that rainwater can be discharged in time. The wind resistance of aluminum profile doors and windows is an important indicator reflecting the safety of doors and windows. We often see in the news that after the typhoon crossed the border, the doors and windows were severely damaged, the glass was damaged by the hurricane, and the profile strips were bent or even broken. This is caused by the unreasonable wind-resistant design of doors and windows. Many designers of door and window companies pay insufficient attention to the wind resistance of doors and windows. They choose the profile members to design doors and windows at will, and some people don't even know how to check the mechanical strength of the door and window rods. With the development of my country's construction industry, more and more super high-rise buildings are rising from the ground. As the height increases, the wind speed is showing an increasing trend. Therefore, the wind resistance performance of high-rise building doors and windows should be paid more attention and checked. In addition, the doors and windows of high-rise buildings have been damaged, and the hidden dangers of objects falling from high altitude are also huge. When designing the wind pressure resistance of system doors and windows, the first thing to consider is the strength of the profile itself. Calculate the local wind load environment with professional design calculation software, calculate the wind pressure strength of doors and windows in strict accordance with the specifications, and select profiles that meet the requirements of mechanical properties to ensure the safety performance of doors and windows in extreme weather conditions. As the basic performance elements of aluminum profile doors and windows, air tightness, sound insulation performance, etc., in the system design, it is necessary to combine the profile structure, assembly accessories, tape, open hardware and other materials together, and through continuous system testing and improvement, Finally, the doors and windows achieve the established performance. Three-point production, seven-point installation is more than one sentence in the door and window industry, which is enough to explain the importance of door and window installation. The system door and window is a complete door and window system. It considers the performance and construction methods of doors and windows. According to the usage habits of doors and windows in different regions, it can integrate the best door and window program, which is the most reasonable door and window technology system.
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