What are the technical requirements for industrial aluminum profile processing

by:Zeyi     2021-08-19
If you want to customize and process industrial aluminum profile profiles into ideal frames, equipment hoods, assembly line workbenches, etc., you need to comply with some technical requirements. These technical requirements may be different for each industrial aluminum profile profile manufacturer, because the strength of the aluminum profile manufacturer is the guarantee of these technical requirements. So let's give you a detailed introduction. 1. Drawing drawings. Drawings are a preliminary manifestation of ideals, so technicians need to draw accurate 3D drawings according to customer needs, and technicians must be able to judge whether customer needs are reasonable or give feasible suggestions for later adjustments and modifications. 2. Processing standards. Aluminum profile processing services include cutting, punching, tapping, etc. If you can’t process accurately according to the size, it will cause the aluminum profile to fail to be assembled. Therefore, the standards for aluminum profile processing are: the surface is not smooth and has no roughness, the size cutting error is within ±0.5mm, and the tapping must be in line with the size of the drawing. Third, it is the assembly requirements. Transport the processed aluminum profile to the assembly area, wipe clean the aluminum scraps on the surface, prepare the tools, and assemble according to the drawings. Wrap it with a protective film and put a label on it and wait for shipment. This is the end of the related introduction of 'industrial aluminum profile processing'. If you have any questions about industrial aluminum profile, please contact us directly. 16 years of experience in custom processing of industrial aluminum profile is trustworthy!
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