What are the uses of aluminum material vehicles

by:Zeyi     2021-05-25
The aluminum profile material vehicle is built with an aluminum profile frame, and various panels are installed on it. Different types of aluminum profiles and panel materials can be selected according to the size of the load-bearing capacity. The user-friendly design can also use the addition and subtraction according to the height of the human body. To change its height and load-bearing capacity, or add armrests and drawers, plus freely movable universal casters, the casters can also be controlled by brake components, which can be fixed and movable, so that the material truck can be used The scope is larger, the expansion function and the use effect are better, the ergonomics is in line, and the work efficiency is stronger. The choice of panel material for aluminum profiles can also be considered from the perspective of production cost and carrying capacity. Generally, there are stainless steel plates, wood panels, composite panels, etc. The user can choose according to the type and carrying capacity of the stored items, and PVC materials can be used. Plexiglass panels, aluminum panels or plexiglass panels, but plexiglass materials are relatively heavy and fragile, and the price is relatively high, so they are not used a lot; if it is corrosive chemicals, you cannot choose iron panels, because iron The material car used to recycle the parts of the automobile production line can be selected at will, because the parts will not be heavy, but the material car used in the precision electronics factory needs high-quality composite boards or The glass plate helps to protect the product from secondary pollution by the positioning tools. The aluminum material cart can be independent or used with the workbench to form a complete production system. It can be matched at will. A cart can be used in various different workstations or different production lines. The product size of different production lines varies, and the overall structure of the material truck can be changed through simple assembly methods, which not only wastes materials, but also maximizes the use value of the station equipment. The technical content of the material truck is not too large, there is no special requirement for the dimensional tolerance, and the required aluminum profile accessories are not complicated. The 4040 aluminum profile frame is used, with T-bolts matched with flange nuts and corresponding cast aluminum. The angle piece is used to connect the two profiles at right angles. It does not need to be welded, and is very firm, simple, fast and easy to operate. Users can design and assemble them according to their own needs.
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