What is a metal curtain wall? What is the difference with a glass curtain wall?

by:Zeyi     2021-11-04
Metal curtain wall is a new type of curtain wall form, which turns glass curtain wall into metal curtain wall. Because of the big difference between the two, it is necessary to distinguish between design and construction. The metal curtain wall has a strong working ability and may be deformed at will, which will make the construction look more beautiful. Therefore, I have been loved by construction workers. The data used for metal curtain walls include aluminum composite panels, aluminum honeycomb panels, fireproof panels, sandwich insulation aluminum panels, painted steel panels, etc. The foldable aluminum composite panel is formed by adding 2-5 mm thick polyethylene or rigid polyethylene foam panels to the inner and outer layers of 0. The thickness of the aluminum plate is 5mm. The surface of the steel plate is coated with a fluorocarbon resin coating to form a hard film, which has good adhesion and durability and good anti-corrosion effect. Doors, windows and curtain walls are composed of panels and supporting structure systems (supporting devices and supporting systems), which have a certain displacement or deformation capacity relative to the main structure, and do not bear the effects of the main structure. This is a commonly used metal curtain wall panel data. The honeycomb aluminum plate is a kind of composite data that combines the honeycomb core data and the honeycomb core data of two adjacent aluminum plates. The honeycomb core data must undergo special processing, otherwise the strength will be low and the service life will be short, which will shorten the service life of the curtain wall and indirectly cause persecution. Therefore, the number of honeycomb aluminum panels is small. The metal sandwich fireproof board not only has the fireproof function, but also can be combined with the mechanical function of the metal-plastic composite board. It has many uses, such as the annoying exterior wall construction and renovation of old houses, interior wall decoration information and interior ceilings, and is especially suitable for structures with high fire requirements. There are many building materials, but the quality of the materials is good or bad. When selecting materials, qualified materials must be selected in accordance with national standards to ensure the quality of the curtain wall. Construction must also be carried out in strict accordance with national standards. Metal is a kind of lightweight material, it reduces the building structure and basic load, and provides a good prerequisite for high-rise buildings. The building curtain wall is composed of a supporting structure system and panels. Compared with the main structure, it has a certain displacement ability and does not share the external protective structure or decorative structure of the main structure. The curtain wall is composed of a structural frame and panels, and does not bear the load and action of the main structure. The invention also has the advantages of heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproofing, pollution prevention and the like. Whether it is a conveying device or polyester, it can be easily realized. Low maintenance cost, long service life, high utilization rate and high cost performance.
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