What is aluminum extrusion production equipment

by:Zeyi     2021-06-03
profiles are now widely used in automated assembly lines, electronic machinery workshops, etc., and have become an important symbol of Industry 4.0. profiles have many advantages, such as light weight, convenience and speed, environmental protection, corrosion resistance, etc. At the same time, the hardness and load-bearing properties of industrial aluminum profiles are not inferior to steel, which makes people wonder what is industrial aluminum profile Produced. profiles are also called extruded aluminum profiles, so what are the aluminum extrusion production equipment? 1. Long rod hot shear furnace: Long rod hot shear furnace is composed of three parts: rack, furnace body, and hot shear. It is an equipment for heating, shearing and feeding the raw material aluminum rod to the extruder. 2. Extruder: The aluminum profile extruder is the main machine and is the power device for extruded profile forming. 3. Mold furnace: The function of the mold furnace is to heat the mold. 4. Traction machine: The traction machine has the function of traction, sawing, and length fixing. The production line does not need to use the traction machine, but if there is no traction machine, three more workers are needed! Therefore, more than 95% of the manufacturers will equip it. 5. Aluminum profile cooling bed: The cooling bed is composed of the initial stage, the sliding stage, the material moving device, the feeding device, the straightening system, the material storage device, the fixed-length transmission, the finished saw table, and the fixed-length table. It has the functions of cooling, feeding, straightening and sawing. 6. Aging furnace: The aging furnace is composed of rails, charging carts and furnace body. Used to increase the hardness of the profile. A complete aluminum extrusion production line requires a total of six types of equipment: aluminum extrusion press, long rod hot shear furnace, aluminum aging furnace, aluminum traction machine, aluminum cooling bed, infrared mold furnace, if you have any For questions about industrial aluminum profile profiles, please consult!
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