What is architectural aluminum profile

by:Zeyi     2021-09-26
Architectural aluminum profiles are building products made of aluminum and aluminum alloy materials. Usually processed into castings, forgings and foils, plates, strips, tubes, rods and profiles, etc., and then cold bending, sawing, drilling, assembling, coloring and other processes.  Architectural aluminum profile features:   building aluminum profile bulk density is about 1/3 of steel, and the specific strength (the ratio of the strength limit to the specific gravity) can reach or exceed that of structural steel. Secondly, aluminum and aluminum alloys can be easily processed into various shapes and can be adapted to various connection processes, thereby providing favorable conditions for the most economical and reasonable cross-section of the building structure. Therefore, the use of aluminum alloy can not only greatly reduce the weight of the building and save materials, but also reduce the transportation and installation workload of the components, and accelerate the construction progress. This has more significant economic effects for earthquake areas and mountainous and remote areas with inconvenient transportation. Aluminum and aluminum alloy have beautiful appearance, good corrosion resistance, high reflectivity to light and heat, good sound absorption performance, and rich colors can be obtained through chemical and electrochemical methods. Therefore, aluminum profiles are widely used in industrial and civil buildings such as roofs, walls, doors and windows, frameworks, interior and exterior decorative panels, ceilings, suspended ceilings, railings, indoor furniture, store containers and construction templates (aluminum templates). Uses of architectural aluminum profiles:    The construction industry is one of the three main markets for aluminum profile applications. About 20% of the world’s total aluminum production is used in the construction industry. The construction industry in some industrially developed countries has already accounted for the total amount of aluminum used in the construction industry. More than 30% of the output. The products of architectural aluminum profiles are constantly updated, and the application of novel architectural products such as colored aluminum panels, composite aluminum panels, composite door and window frames and aluminum alloy templates is also increasing year by year. China has used aluminum alloys in industrial and civil buildings to make roofs, walls, doors and windows, and gradually expanded to internal and external decoration, construction templates, etc., and has achieved remarkable results.
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