What is Broken Bridge Aluminum?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-28
Broken bridge aluminum performance and advantages:   1. Good thermal insulation: the nylon strip in the aluminum-plastic composite profile has low thermal conductivity, and the thermal insulation effect is 1,250 times that of aluminum;   2. Good sound insulation: its structure is carefully designed, and the joints tight. Used with double or triple insulating glass, the test result shows that the sound insulation is 30 db, which meets the national standard;   3. Impact resistance: Because the outer surface of the broken bridge aluminum material is aluminum alloy, it is more impact resistant than the plastic steel window profile;   4. Good airtightness: multiple imported EPDM rubber strips (the same material as those on the car doors and windows) are installed at each gap of the aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridge, and the airtightness is level one;   5. Good watertightness: The doors and windows are designed with rain-proof structure to completely isolate rainwater from the outdoors;    6. Good fire resistance: aluminum alloy is a metal material and does not burn. The hollow cavity in the middle is made of nylon material, which has a certain flame retardant effect;   7. Good anti-theft: broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, equipped with excellent hardware accessories and advanced decorative locks, not only open and close, but also have excellent anti-theft performance;    8. Maintenance-free: Broken bridge doors and windows profiles are not easy to be corroded by acid and alkali, will not turn yellow and fade, broken bridge aluminum has high strength, no shape, maintenance-free, and almost no maintenance;    9. Decorative: The surface of broken bridge aluminum profiles has many colors, common There are white spray, gray spray, imitation wood grain, imitation steel color, silver white, coffee color and a combination of two colors, which is very decorative. It not only satisfies the normal use of doors and windows, but also has the effect of beautifying the home environment.   10. Environmentally friendly materials, easy to recycle. The used doors and windows can be recycled no less than 30% after they are dismantled. The broken bridge aluminum doors and windows will not produce harmful materials during the production process. All materials can be recycled and reused. It is a green building material and environmentally friendly product.   11. Broken bridge aluminum prevents condensation and frost. The broken bridge aluminum profile can realize the three-way sealing structure of the doors and windows, reasonably separate the water vapor cavity, and successfully achieve the equal pressure balance of air and water, significantly improve the water and air tightness of the doors and windows, and achieve the effect of clear and bright windows.   12. Broken bridge aluminum mosquito screen design. Invisible screens can be installed and used inside and outside to prevent mosquitoes and flies.   13. Broken bridge aluminum has many opening forms, which is comfortable and durable. There are flat opening, inward tilting, top suspension, push-pull, flat opening and inward tilting combined type, etc. The appropriate form can be selected according to the needs. ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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