What is the difference between broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and ordinary color aluminum doors and windows?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-04
Bridge aluminum doors and windows are high aluminum doors and windows, it is the second wood, bar, steel doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows fifth ordinary color generation doors and windows of the new thermal insulation. And the surface can also be painted in a variety of colors, let me introduce to you the difference between an ordinary broken bridge aluminum door and window and the color aluminum door and window. Profile structure: The structure of the components of the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is a combination of the environmental protection of wooden windows, the firm establishment of safety of iron windows and steel windows, and the commonality of energy-saving plastic-steel door and window insulation systems. It consists of two aspects that can be used to save energy at different times The energy-saving insulation strip is also called nylon strip. Its main function is to develop the function of a middle disconnection of heat transfer and prevent the rapid or slow heat transfer of cold and heat transfer information. Therefore, the structure of the broken bridge aluminum profile is more complicated than that of the ordinary aluminum alloy profile, and the cost is relatively high. The ordinary color aluminum does not have heat insulation strips, and it is not heat preservation and energy saving. It is just pasted on some surfaces. In addition, the profile thickness of aluminum doors and windows of broken bridges requires companies to follow their own national standards. The wall thickness must reach 1.4mm to be qualified, because the thickness of the wall is related to China's assembly and production technology and the solid social safety management of doors and windows. The wall thickness requirements of ordinary color aluminum doors and windows are not too strict, and are generally determined according to the interest relationship between the Chinese market and the processing door and window market, generally around 1.0mm. Production and installation: bridge aluminum doors and windows are cut into 45 degree angles through 1.4 mm 1.4 mm angles above 3 mm or the upper wall thickness of the door assembly through special plug-in equipment. Positioning extrusion, common aluminum doors and windows are connected together with an aluminum angle of about 1mm, which is the difference between the degree of safety and firmness, but low-cost rivets. Assembling broken aluminum doors and windows standing on an adult is no problem, because the assembled equipment and manual assembly site operations are technically very different requirements, therefore, the special ordinary aluminum aluminum bridge is unparalleled. The most important thing is that the design of aluminum doors and windows is different from ordinary broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, the pattern design of the air bridge. Light and transparent, it depends on the design space, ordinary aluminum doors and windows and conventionally designed windows can only be transparent and poorly illuminated, to open the window bridge design window design is large, dedicated hardware bridge sash, and P is any of the aluminum metal components One can be the difference in appearance when used. Door and window color: Broken bridge color aluminum doors and windows must be customized by the aluminum manufacturer to provide professional development, production and business cycles. The different color treatments on the surface are professionally managed and technically. The use time period is permanent, while ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows are only made by Ordinary students, as a kind of aluminum, do not need specialized information processing to paint the color they want, and technical analysis to deal with the problem. There is no professional aluminum production equipment manufacturer in place, and the painting effect and service life will not be too good. A long time will lead to fading phenomenon, known as the cowhide gland, which can determine that the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are the characteristics of the social production method with a long production cycle, while the ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows have a short production cycle.
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