What is the flatness of the profile in the processing of industrial aluminum profiles?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-05
With the development of industrial aluminum profile processing technology, the quality requirements for industrial aluminum profile processed products are getting higher and higher. The flatness of aluminum profile is one of the required quality indicators; in the CNC processing of industrial aluminum profile, the flatness of the profile is required to It is stipulated in the standard of aluminum alloy building profile GB5237 that the plane gap in the product size deviation is the requirement of the plane. The plane gap of industrial aluminum profile profile refers to: leaning a 25mm long ruler on the concave surface of the profile along the width direction, and measure the maximum gap value (F1) between the ruler and the concave surface of the profile. This value (F1) is any 25mm width of the profile. Measure the maximum gap between the ruler and the concave surface of the profile (F), as shown in Figure 1, this value (F1) is the aluminum profile The plane gap over its entire width. The plane gap is what we usually call the flatness, the smaller the gap value, the flatter it is. The index of the plane gap is the size requirement of the section, not the requirement of the shape (shape and position). So how is the overall shape defined? The standard specifies the degree of bending and twisting. The gap value h and T in the figure are as small as possible. If it is 0, it means that there is no deformation. Of course, this is a theoretical result. In fact, there must be deformation, so flatness will be born; flatness refers to the basis The deviation of the height of the macroscopic unevenness of the sheet from the ideal plane. The tolerance zone is the area between two parallel planes whose distance is the tolerance value t. The plane of the product is uneven, placed on the reference surface, the lowest point is on the reference surface, and the distance from the highest point to the reference surface is the flatness. Compared with the plane gap, curvature and twisting degree mentioned above, the common understanding is that the flatness is the comprehensive manifestation of the plane gap, curvature and twisting degree. For industrial aluminum products on the market, due to their special use, the flatness is marked on the product drawings, which puts forward higher requirements for the product quality of the profiles. ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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