What is the forming process of the aluminum housing?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-27
What is the forming process of the aluminum housing? Jimei Industrial Aluminum: Aluminum shell is a relatively common packaging shell, so what is the formation process of aluminum shell, let us follow the author to understand it today. Due to the difficulty of manufacturing cold extrusion dies in China, a large number of aluminum and aluminum shells can only be formed by automobiles. It should be noted that the edges, corners and threads of the aluminum and aluminum shells processed by automobiles must be reversed to avoid sharp edges and burrs. At the same time, the connecting ring of the aluminum shell should not wear cloth as much as possible. When coating salt spray is detected in electroplated parts processed by cloth knurling, corrosion will inevitably occur in the knurled part of the coating. In contrast, the corrosion degree of the salt spray test of the straight rolling connection ring is much lighter. Due to the loose matrix of die castings, the porosity after electroless nickel plating is very high. Since the chemical nickel layer is a cathode coating relative to the aluminum shell layer, once in contact with the corrosive medium in the air during the storage and use of the product, it will accelerate the corrosion of the aluminum shell substrate, causing the coating to blister and fall off. There are many factors that affect the formation of aluminum shells. Not only the process will affect the formation of aluminum shells, but the production, design, and use of materials will also affect the formation of aluminum shells. What are the benefits of customized aluminum profiles? So far, the manufacturing level and corresponding processing modes of my country's industry and manufacturing industry have become more and more diversified. The different applications of aluminum profiles have also brought better basic aluminum profile customization solutions to our customers’ product applications. This has become Our customers realize the foundation for high-quality aluminum applications and efficient processing. Customers can also enjoy more high-end processing technology, with the many benefits of this aluminum profile customization. According to the analysis of the benefits of this aluminum profile customization, there are roughly the following points: 'First of all, it can improve the level of subsequent personalized processing; Needless to say, Zhanmei Industrial Aluminum has better modeling capabilities and better overall processing. The effect can improve the quality of subsequent designs. However, with the improvement of China's excellent aluminum profile customization technology, its own overall modeling ability has been better realized, and the degree of product innovation and innovation has also been greatly improved. Therefore, It should have better characteristics. With the help of this aluminum profile customization process to achieve personalized processing, the manufacturing process of our products can be better realized, and it can also be used as a rich and subsequent personalized design process to manufacture this aluminum profile customization Technology. This has laid a good foundation for the research and development of our country’s follow-up products and the application of various processes. Second, it has effectively enriched the application prospects of aluminum profiles in China. In the current aluminum profile processing technology, its own application fields are affected by Due to the constraints of different industries, in order to obtain the rich design effects of this aluminum profile, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis. With the help of this super-value aluminum profile customization method, its product application process and corresponding environment can be better extended. This aluminum profile customization method has been better expanded in the future application scenarios.
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