What is the future development trend of industrial aluminum in my country?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-09
Aluminum is currently a very important and rare material. Chinese companies currently occupy a very low proportion in the world economic rankings, but the demand has a great impact. This has led to the high price of industrial aluminum, which is important for the future of our country. What will be the management of aluminum prices in China? Today’s editors have analyzed related research issues. The price of aluminum profiles in China accounts for about 30% of the domestic aluminum profile market. Compared with the international level, the consumption of industrial aluminum in Europe and Japan has reached 50%≤60%, which is much higher than the consumption of industrial aluminum in my country. However, due to the consumption structure of the Chinese aluminum industry, the development and application of industrial aluminum profile profile products in my country are very insufficient, and because of the lack of industrial aluminum profile market in China, it indicates that the consumption of China's aluminum industry is the next 5, We will continue to grow by about 70% in 10 years, and it is expected that the aluminum industry aluminum profile market will be occupied in the next ten years. In the field of industrial technology, the main consumer culture industries for industrial aluminum are automobile manufacturing, railway transportation, aerospace, mechanical and electronic equipment management framework design and light industry framework structure. China's traditional industry is undergoing a transition from a developing country to a developed country. China will enter a developed country in the next 20 years. This means that my country's social industrial application field has a lot of room for students to develop within 20 years. At present, 113 of my country's 124 departments use a high proportion of aluminum products. In order to accelerate the proportion of industrial aluminum in the entire aluminum product industry, relevant departments have put forward guidance on speeding up the structural adjustment of the aluminum industry.. It is pointed out that the main goal of industrial structural adjustment is to increase the proportion of added value of industrial aluminum profiles, that is, increase the proportion of industrial aluminum profiles. Promoting the rapid development of the aluminum industry. The above is the future trend of the aluminum market. In fact, many regions and cities have aluminum content, but these resources are still “poor”. I hope we can still save the use of this material. For these materials to gradually reduce, this is the reason for the industry The price of aluminum profile has been one of the highest.
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