What is the price of industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-07-24
In the process of daily sales of industrial aluminum profiles, many customers are puzzled about the price of industrial aluminum profiles. Customers often ask, how does the price of industrial aluminum profiles change so much? In fact, the price of industrial aluminum profiles is usually 'aluminum ingot price' , 'Processing cost(1) The price of aluminum ingots: You can check the price of aluminum ingots of the day on the authoritative industry website, usually updated at around 12 noon every day (2) Processing costs: profiles are processed through multiple processes, such as cutting and tapping. Wire, punching, bending, CNC precision machining, etc. Processing fees vary according to the production process and other related factors. (3) Logistics costs: Logistics costs depend on the volume, weight and shape of the goods. You can consult the logistics company for detailed information. Prices vary by route. You must consider whether you can take a high-speed, how many bridges and the cost of crossing the road; (4) packaging costs, the price of different packaging materials is different. (5) Die cost sharing, material size and structure are different, grinding tool size and production complexity are also different. It depends on the quantity. The more the quantity, the lower the cost of the mold. The above is a brief introduction about 'industrial aluminum profile profile price'. The price of aluminum profile is not fixed, it has its own undulating curve. If you have any questions about industrial aluminum profile, welcome to consult!
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