What is the price of mask type material equipment

by:Zeyi     2021-09-17
When purchasing mask materials and equipment, everyone pays more attention to the price issue. Many people want to compare the price after knowing the price to save purchase costs. Today I will explain to you how much the price of the mask type material equipment? There are many styles of aluminum mask machine, which are divided into semi-automatic mask machine, automatic mask machine, and fully automatic mask machine. The difference can be roughly seen from the name. , That is, the degree of automation is different, the efficiency is different, and the final quotation is also different. There are also different specifications of the aluminum profile used in the mask machine, which will also cause the price difference. Generally, the commonly used aluminum profile specifications are 4040 and 4080 series, and each series will have many specifications and models, and the price of combining them is also different. For example, the light 4040 profile is 10 yuan/m cheaper than the heavy 4040 profile. Also, the size of the mask machine will affect the number of meters using aluminum profiles, so the more materials used, the more expensive the price. Generally, a semi-automatic mask machine can be set up for a production line. A production line that can operate normally costs about 150,000 to 200,000. The price of an automatic flat mask machine is about 200,000 to 300,000. For the fully automatic flat face mask machine, you can refer to the scale and yield to be achieved. Now the fully automated flat face mask machine has the best mechanical efficiency and stability. The use of Licheng automatic one-to-three mask machine is about 120-160 masks per minute. , Continuous operation for more than 12 hours, their prices are quite different, the price is between 300,000-1 million. The above is the content mentioned above. If the mask machine manufacturers need to purchase industrial aluminum profile profiles, they can come to consult. 16 years of aluminum profile manufacturers, direct spot sales, affordable, welcome to consult.
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