What is the process of sealing and oxidation of industrial aluminum?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-09
oxidation process and sealing process are relatively common in the surface treatment of aluminum processing. We all know that the sealing and oxidation process of industrial aluminum can enhance the corrosion resistance of the surface. Many industrial aluminum materials are randomly inspected. At that time, it is often found that the sealing is not up to the standard or the oxide film is not up to the standard. Next, let's take a look at the industrial aluminum sealing and oxidation process together with the aluminum industry. When industrial aluminum is oxidized, the oxidation temperature needs special attention. Too high temperature may increase the pore size of the oxide film produced, expand the pores, thin the pore wall, and loose the film. The industrial aluminum processed in this way is corrosion-resistant Poor performance; if the temperature is too low, the pore size will be smaller, the membrane will be dense, and the sealing performance will be good, but the colorability of this membrane is poor, and it will greatly increase the production cost. Therefore, we need to control the oxidation temperature during oxidation. should be sealed in time after oxidation and coloring. It should not be stored in water for too long. Because industrial aluminum is stored in water for a long time, the chemical activity and adsorption capacity of its oxide film will decrease. Can not be fully absorbed into the membrane pores, will lead to incomplete sealing. It can be known from the above that the key to the processing of industrial aluminum profile is the structure of the oxide film and the quality of the sealing. The qualification of the industrial aluminum product is a very necessary condition. This article comes from: http://www.skyline-alu.com edited by Aluminum Industry, and the source must be indicated when reprinted.
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