What is the relationship between the quality of aluminum door and window profiles and the process?

by:Zeyi     2021-10-03
The relationship between the quality of aluminum door and window profiles and the process. The thermal conductivity coefficient of aluminum doors and windows is less than 3W/m2·K, which is half of that of ordinary doors and windows, and the heating cost is reduced by about 30%. The sound insulation is more than 29 decibels. A1 type window standard broken bridge aluminum doors and windows processing may involve many technical details in strict places such as the angle of doors and windows), which is the focus of processing. Products made of alloying elements such as aluminum. Usually made by casting, forging and foil, plate, strip, tube, rod, profile, etc. , And then made by cold bending, sawing, drilling, assembly, coloring and other processes. The main metal element is aluminum, and some alloying elements are added to improve the performance of aluminum. The curtain wall is the outer wall of the building, hanging like curtains, so it is also called hanging wall. It is a light-weight wall with decorative effect commonly used in modern large-scale and high-rise buildings. Nowadays, high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows are assembled by mechanical operation. Because the machine has high precision, this phenomenon can be reduced. Therefore, if the aluminum alloy door and window profiles are assembled by hand, the assembly of the above edges is not perfect. 1. The production of plastic profiles generally uses sg-5, which is generally used for PVC resins for doors and windows, while the ethylene method uses the suspension method as much as possible to ensure the batch quality, that is, the stability of the index. 2. The stabilizer plays a key role in the development of the quality of the profile in the entire formulation system. The stability of the quality problem batch and the number of students will affect the plasticization time and thermal decomposition reaction temperature of the company's materials. The corresponding slip agent in the stabilizer The balance is an important technical standard that reflects the quality management of stabilizers. If too high a stabilizer is added, it will delay the plastic time of the material in the cylinder and increase the extrusion temperature. This necessarily means that the plasticity of the material in the exit mold cannot meet the design requirements. At this time, the brittleness of the profile is very large, which will be harmful The welding process performance has a great development impact. Adding too low a stabilizer will shorten the plastic time of the material and reduce the extrusion temperature, which means that the material is too plasticized in the export mold, low-molecular materials will decompose, the profile will be bubbled, and the overall mechanical properties will also be reduced. The main function of 3CPE in the formula system is to resist impact and improve the surface finish of the profile, but the addition ratio not only affects the welding strength of the profile, but also affects the welding strength of the profile. This is related to the balance of the toughness index and the stiffness index in the entire formula. The ratio is generally 8-15%, less than 8 or greater than 15 is abnormal. The impact acidification principle is different from that of chlorinated polyethylene in terms of forming the molecular framework structure. Strictly speaking, the impact resistance of PVC/ACR blends is better than that of PVC/CPE blends. 4. The main function of processing ACR is to improve the plasticization of the company's materials. On the surface, it is in contradiction with the stabilizer, but in essence it is two fundamental concepts that are completely different: the stabilizer is to prevent the degradation of the material; ACR It promotes the compatibility of company materials through intermolecular solution. Some social phenomena: like increasing the amount of stabilizer and ACR. Although we can not solve some of our so-called actual development problems on the surface, it is not correct in the research and design of the entire product formula in China. The amount of ACR depends on your entire process technology route and the plasticizing capacity of the equipment. The more critical factor in the development of the entire profile production process is also for the plasticization that people can often say. The degree of plasticization can directly affect all these indicators of the profile. 5. Calcium carbonate generally chooses activating light, and its amount is the second main factor affecting the mechanical properties of the entire profile. Experimental studies have proved that the addition of high-quality nano-calcium can improve the welding performance of the profile to a certain degree of education. 6. The choice of lubricant and stabilizer is inseparable. In a sense, lubricant is also a stabilizer.
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