What is the requirement of anodizing for aluminum material?

by:Zeyi     2021-06-26
Anodizing has relatively high requirements for aluminum and aluminum alloy materials. Generally, only pure aluminum, clad aluminum, aluminum-magnesium, and aluminum-manganese alloys can be dyed with brighter colors. For alloys with higher silicon and iron content, the resulting oxide film can only be dyed in a darker color because of the darker color. Therefore, when aluminum and aluminum alloy parts are subjected to decorative anodization, the following points should be paid attention to in the selection of materials:    For parts that require a mirror-like surface, high-purity aluminum or 5A66 aluminum-magnesium alloy with aluminum content higher than 99.99% must be selected. After the parts are chemically or electrochemically polished, sulfuric acid anodizing can obtain a colorless, transparent and bright film, which can be dyed with various bright colors.   For parts that require a lower surface brightness than the above, industrial high-purity aluminum and LT65, LT67 aluminum-magnesium alloys with aluminum content higher than 99.9% can be used. For parts with general decoration requirements, there are requirements for the allowable content of other components and impurities in aluminum. Among them, aluminum-magnesium alloy is used.  Of course, when choosing aluminum, you should also pay attention:   1) The surface of the selected aluminum should not have serious scratches, organizational defects and inclusions. They will affect the appearance and corrosion resistance of the oxide film layer.   2) Certain aluminum alloys should be heat treated with reasonable specifications. The size of the crystal grains has a certain influence on the structure and performance of the oxide film. Coarse crystal grains react unevenly during the oxidation process, and often appear orange peel appearance. Therefore, it is generally desirable for aluminum materials to have a finer grain structure.
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