What is the thickness of the oxide film of industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-07-27
Oxidation thickness of industrial aluminum profile. If this thickness is not up to the standard, it will affect the appearance of the industrial aluminum profile profile frame in the later stage. The aluminum profile frame will cause friction with people or equipment during long-term placement. As time goes by, the surface will become oxidized. If it falls off, it will be corroded by moisture and rust will occur, which will affect the appearance. People often say that aluminum profiles are not easily corroded after anodizing. In fact, they are closely related to the oxide film on this surface. When buying profiles, you should not only pay attention to the load-bearing thickness of the aluminum profile, but also the thickness of the oxide film. Concessions, after all, every product is worth what you pay for. The thickness of conventional aluminum profiles is about 8-12. You should also know that in the production industry, the structure of the mechanical equipment frame needs to be varied, that is, in addition to the conventional profiles, non-standard customization can be carried out, and the oxide film thickness of the non-standard profiles is 5 -7, of course, the film thickness can be 15-20 for high requirements. The higher the oxide film thickness, it means that its use of anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion is time. With this oxide film, there are five major advantages: corrosion resistance, insulation, heat insulation, high hardness, and adsorption. The thickness of industrial aluminum profile profiles is divided into several categories. Aluminum profile oxide film thickness is one of them. Aluminum profile manufacturers for 16 years, products meet ISO9001 quality system certification, oxide film thickness and wall thickness meet industry standards, good load-bearing, high safety. Customized aluminum frame, equipment hood, assembly line, anti-static workbench, safety fence, etc. can be customized according to drawings and samples.
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