What is the waste of aluminum profile manufacturing?

by:Zeyi     2022-01-02
Waste in the manufacturing process exists more or less in every aluminum profile production enterprise, and some can be avoided. The waste in this process can be summarized as follows:      1. Direct production waste; the most typical one is Over-schedule work, resulting in a backlog of products, and increasing the work of producing, moving or stacking products. 2. The waste caused by work stoppage; in addition to insufficient orders and improper production schedule, there are also other factors, such as the switching of product types on the production line, the imbalance between processes, the failure of machinery and equipment, the lack of materials, and the unbalanced production schedule. The machine is idle and so on. The direct consequence of the shutdown is the waste of production capacity, the increase of labor costs, equipment idling and other costs.     3. Waste in the handling process; for example, repeated loading and unloading due to unreasonable process or material settings, manual handling, etc. 4. Waste caused by over-finishing; over-finishing refers to the production and acceptance of products with stricter standards on top of the national standard or customer requirements; artificially increasing the difficulty of product production and causing unnecessary waste, using excess working time and Related equipment causes additional labor costs, production resources, water and electricity costs, and processing and management man-hours. In addition, the waste of time will directly affect the production schedule and delivery deadlines. 5. Inventory waste; the aluminum profile industry generally adopts cash spot payment method; the larger the inventory, the more funds are occupied; on the contrary, timely and fast shipment will help speed up the capital turnover in the production and sales process, and good funds The chain provides a guarantee for the normal and efficient operation of the company; if the company reduces its inventory by 1,000 tons, the company's financial expenses will be reduced by more than 100,000 yuan per month. 6. Production of defective products or waste of waste products; there are many reasons for defective products or waste products in the production process, and it is inevitable that defective products or waste products directly affect the company's production and sales; defective products rework, services, etc. Related work has increased costs, such as increased costs of man-hours, manpower, tools, equipment, and management costs, and increased customer service costs! In addition, waste products not only cannot realize the value that the product should have like qualified products, but also need to be processed strictly in accordance with certain procedures, which increases additional costs; more importantly, quality problems will lead to a reduction in credit ratings and loss of customer trust. If the goods are returned due to quality problems, additional claims and corresponding expenses will be increased.     7. Waste of human resources; Waste of human resources is the biggest cost waste; the company emphasizes on site and details, and it is aimed at the shortcomings in management. The most direct way to fine-tune the work is to conduct job analysis. During normal working hours, how much time does the employee have to do effective work? How much time is spent resting or waiting? If managers can analyze the daily workload of each post, they will find that the work of many posts can be improved or even reduced, and the setting of some posts is unreasonable. Work refinement is very important. Subdivide each post and the work to be done every day, set inspections and remedial measures, and follow up in time to ensure that various tasks are carried out smoothly as planned; manufacturing enterprises use their subdivisions The method can greatly improve production efficiency and work efficiency; but now few of us can use this method well. What we see is that the tasks assigned in the work are not well detailed, which leads to the failure in the execution process. Monitoring or monitoring is not in place, resulting in the failure to achieve or postpone the completion of the work goal, affecting the work progress.    In fact, some method or process changes can improve management; what we call cost control, water, electricity, labor, and auxiliary material consumption, are all closely related to our management methods.

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