What kind of aluminum alloy window is suitable for you?

by:Zeyi     2021-12-10
There are many types of aluminum alloy windows, such as casement, sliding, top hanging, etc., which one is most suitable? Many people don't know, so today the door and window curtain wall will summarize the advantages and disadvantages of different types of aluminum alloy windows, and some methods of how to choose aluminum alloy windows. Door, window and curtain wall: What kind of aluminum alloy window is suitable for you? I. Advantages and disadvantages of different types of aluminum alloy windows Aluminum alloy windows are windows with aluminum alloy as the main force-bearing member (member that carries and transmits weight and load) as the base material. At present, there are mainly the following types on the market. 1. Open windows. Flat windows can be opened inside and outside. There are two types: inside and outside. The inside-opening aluminum alloy windows are easier to clean, that is, they have a little space. The exterior openings do not occupy indoor space and are relatively clean. So convenient. Generally speaking, open windows can open a large area with better ventilation and stronger airtightness, but they are not suitable for windows with too large areas. Rain window curtain wall: What kind of aluminum alloy window is suitable for you? 2. Sliding windows Sliding windows are more aluminum alloy window types currently chosen by consumers. There are two types of sliding windows, left, right, up and down, because the windows are opened and closed on the same plane, which is simple, beautiful and convenient to use. Screen windows are more popular. But the disadvantage is that the windows can only be opened halfway, the window area cannot be fully utilized for ventilation, and the sealing is relatively poor. 3. Hanging windows Hanging windows means that the windows are connected and fixed to the window frame through hinges. After opening, the part is suspended in the air. Under normal circumstances, it cannot be fully opened because the windows are relatively small and people cannot enter from the outside, so it is safer. The advantage of hanging windows is that they are both ventilated and safe. Nowadays, many windows are used in combination with hanging windows and open windows, sliding windows. Second, choose the most suitable type of aluminum alloy window according to the location of the house and the size of the window. 1. With high floors, sliding windows can generally be used, which is safer and relatively space-saving, but you should pay special attention to its sealing when choosing, and choose reliable brands; Norfield doors and windows have superior materials, excellent processing performance, and excellent sealing performance. Therefore, I would like to remind everyone to pay more attention when choosing, because only sealed aluminum alloy windows will not leak and leak, and they can handle them freely in the face of bad weather. 2. The floor is low. If the window area is not very large, you can choose to open and push the window according to your preferences. If you open the window, the ventilation effect will be better. If it is a small area window in the bedroom, it is recommended to install an open window. In order to maximize the use of window area. 3. For a small area or a single window such as a toilet, it is recommended to install a hanging aluminum alloy window, because the area is too small, in order to achieve the ventilation effect, we can only install a hanging type to maximize the use of the window area. After understanding the characteristics of the types of aluminum alloy windows, you should pay attention to comparing the raw materials, processing technology and performance-price ratio of aluminum alloy windows, because choosing a good brand can not only ensure product quality, but also provide you with better services. .
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