What material is better for the car partition

by:Zeyi     2021-06-28
In the process of workshop layout planning, it may be necessary to divide the production workshop into certain different functional areas. Then, what material is generally used for the production vehicle partition? Here is a brief explanation for you now on the market that are more conventionally used in several production workshops The material of the partition. First of all, we confirm the function of the workshop area that needs to be partitioned. If there is welding equipment inside, a certain arc and welding dust will be generated. Generally, the partition is in the form of a 'houseIt is built with aluminum profiles, with a translucent brown arc-proof sheet in the middle, and a dust collector is usually installed on the top. The purpose of this is not only to prevent arc damage, but also to observe the operation of the workshop at any time. If only the production workshop is to be partitioned between different equipment, then you can simply use aluminum profiles and grids, or aluminum profiles and transparent plexiglass for partitions. Generally, the height of the partitions of this production vehicle can be achieved. 1.8 meters or 2 meters will do. The grid used for this kind of production vehicle partition generally uses a 40*40 grid, and some use a 50*50 or 20*100, 30*30 grid. The color of the grid can be selected according to the background color of the workshop. Generally, Commonly used colors are warning yellow, white, black and other colors. If it is in a dust-free workshop, if you want to build a car partition, use industrial aluminum profile profiles and transparent acrylic to directly connect to the top of the dust-free workshop. The height is generally about 2.5 meters.
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