What material should be selected for doors and windows to be well insulated

by:Zeyi     2021-06-04
In summer, if we can feel the heat indoors, we will feel irritable, and it will also affect our usual work and life. If the air conditioner is not turned on, it may cause heat stroke in severe cases. Therefore, it is important to choose an insulated door and window. Today The editor of aluminum profile manufacturers introduces a heat-insulating material for doors and windows. 1. Normal doors and windows do not have the effect of heat insulation. Many developers and manufacturers usually choose aluminum alloy window frames with PVC thermal conductivity materials when manufacturing doors and windows, but the thermal conductivity coefficient of PVC materials is not very high, only Around 0.14. The data shows that, taking common houses as an example, compared with houses that use insulated doors and windows and ordinary doors and windows, the electricity consumption of houses that use ordinary doors and windows will exceed that of houses that use insulated doors and windows by about 5 degrees per day. Power.  Second, the advantages of broken bridge aluminum heat-insulating windows   There are many heat-insulating windows on the market, and the more famous and practical doors and windows are the broken bridge aluminum series of heat-insulating doors and windows. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows can achieve a series of functions of heat insulation, dustproof, waterproof, sound insulation, and energy saving. The heat-insulating doors and windows have very good effects, and they are all made of wood and aluminum alloy special profiles for broken bridge aluminum, as well as hollow glass and heat-insulating materials.  3. Significant advantages of broken bridge aluminum heat insulation    Broken bridge aluminum profile series doors and windows not only have the advantage of heat insulation, but also have the advantages of sound insulation, impact resistance, fire resistance, waterproofing and anti-theft. The doors and windows of the broken bridge aluminum profile series can protect the owner and the property of the indoor house very well in the event of a fire. General doors and windows will explode after being burned at high temperature for a long time, but the broken bridge aluminum series doors and windows can avoid accidents in this respect.
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