What needs to be considered for the aluminum shell stamping process?

by:Zeyi     2021-06-24
Nowadays, aluminum shell products can be seen everywhere in daily life, and stamping is a relatively basic and common method in aluminum alloy shell processing. The combination of stamping and CNC machining can obtain aluminum shells of various products, and some products only require or exceed pure stamping. Most of the aluminum shells are made by secondary processing of aluminum alloy plates. In mass production, the processing of aluminum shells is mainly based on stamping. The aluminum alloy shell is particularly susceptible to being crushed and scratched during stamping production. The complex structure aluminum alloy shell requires pure stamping, so the determination of the number of processes is very important. The number of processes has a certain impact on product dimensional accuracy, production efficiency, and production costs. What issues should be considered when determining the number of stamping procedures: (1) Order quantity of aluminum alloy shell: In large order production, each process should be combined as much as possible, and compound stamping or skip stamping should be used to improve production efficiency and reduce production as much as possible cost. In small and medium order production, simple die stamping can be used to reduce die manufacturing costs. (2) The dimensional accuracy of the aluminum shell is required; when the dimensional accuracy is very high, some auxiliary processes can be appropriately added to ensure product accuracy and reduce waste. (3) The company’s existing molding conditions and stamping equipment; too complex mold manufacturing and assembly are a huge test of the company’s mold manufacturing conditions standards. (4) Stability of aluminum shell mold production; there are many factors that affect mold stability, such as mold material, mold assembly accuracy, and lubrication conditions. When determining the number of processes, some processes can be appropriately added to avoid extreme deformation during the stamping process, thereby effectively improving the stability of the stamping process. The aluminum alloy material is relatively soft, in order to prevent the aluminum alloy from deforming and shifting during the stamping process. Accurate positioning must be set on the stamping die, and the positioning device must have a smooth surface and no water chestnut. This can effectively reduce the unqualified aluminum alloy shell stamping.
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