What preparations do aluminum profile frame custom manufacturers need to do

by:Zeyi     2021-05-30
Aluminum profile manufacturers customize aluminum profile frames according to customer needs every day. There are large frames and small frames, single-layer frames and multi-layer frames, independent frames and complete frames. So what do aluminum profile manufacturers need to prepare when customizing the frame? Explain to you. One is the spot aluminum profile. The main raw material of the aluminum profile frame is the aluminum profile. If the aluminum profile manufacturer's warehouse does not have the desired specifications of the aluminum profile, the aluminum profile frame cannot be customized. The second is aluminum fittings. The existence of aluminum profile accessories is indispensable, mainly used for the connection of aluminum profile frames. So if you want an external connection, you must prepare the corner pieces, bolts and nuts. If you want internal connection, you can prepare built-in connectors or bevel connectors or hexagon socket bolts. The third is processing equipment. The size of the aluminum profile frame is custom-made, so it is necessary to cut or punch or tap the aluminum profile, and the corresponding processing equipment needs to be used. The fourth is assembly tools. If your customized frame is to be assembled in an aluminum profile manufacturer, the aluminum profile manufacturer needs to lay and install mats in the assembly area and prepare installation tools. The fifth is cooperative logistics or dedicated logistics. After the aluminum profile frame is made, it can be shipped. Each aluminum profile manufacturer will have cooperative logistics or dedicated line logistics, so that the aluminum profile can be delivered to the customer safely and on time. The preparation work for the customization of the aluminum profile frame will be introduced first. Here, as an industrial aluminum profile profile manufacturer with 16 years of experience, fast delivery, high quality, no cutting corners, welcome to consult!
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