What problems should be paid attention to during the spraying process of industrial aluminum?

by:Zeyi     2021-11-19
1. Selection of the manufacturing and feeding methods of the fixture. materials are classified according to application areas. materials refer to all aluminum profiles except for architectural doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration and architectural structures. Hot-melt extrusion of industrial aluminum profile profiles can obtain aluminum with different cross-sectional shapes, but the alloy addition ratio is different, and the mechanical properties and application fields of industrial aluminum profiles are also different. The clamps installed at both ends should ensure that they can withstand the pressure of the proportional parts; the clamps used for the lower parts should minimize the contact points between the clamps and the nominal surface of the profile during the manufacturing and use process, and the vertical position of the boom should be filled with powder in time The suspension position in the profile suspension gear should also comply with the corresponding guidelines. For some profiles with deep grooves, it is feasible to increase the powder volume and push the distance between the spray claw and the profile. Nominal products with large or complex structures should be prohibited in the lower position, and at the same time, the decorative surface and non-decorative surface of the profile should be distinguished. For some special profiles, adjust the position of the fixture in time to make the profile adhere to a certain angle of inclination at the position of the pendant to enhance the stability during operation and facilitate powder adsorption. is divided by application field. profiles refer to all aluminum profiles except for building doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration and building structures. In addition, for some heavier materials in the position next to the fixture, there should be a certain degree of curvature at the elbow. The curvature of the fixture can ensure that the profile is in a vertical position to ensure the smooth progress of the production process. In addition, with the increase in the number of cycles of conductive beams and hangers, the coating film will accumulate. The coating itself is not conductive, which will affect the conductivity of the conductive beams and pendants, and then affect the uniform dispersion of the powder in the name of the profile. 2. The pre-treatment process is simpler than the separate pre-oxidation pre-treatment process. The important thing is degreasing and chromium, the consumption of raw materials is low, and the daily maintenance work is absolutely easy. In order to improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption in the drying process, large racks are used in the pretreatment process, and as many profiles to be processed are installed as possible. After the drying process, when there is still moisture remaining, in order to avoid deformation of the profile when the nominal film is damaged and the temperature is too high, the profile should not be baked in the oven again, and the method of cold drying or air gun drying (no oil and gas) can be used. For some soft profiles, more horizontal strips should be placed next to the profile, so that the grooves should be placed as upward as possible, which is conducive to the evaporation of water. In addition, the profile must maintain a proper inclination angle during the drip-drying process, but it is easy to cause the partial profile to slide. Therefore, the stainless steel wire mesh should be tied at one end of the frame, just in case. 3. Problems that should be paid attention to in the spray chamber. Before the formal spraying, how many times can you try to spray, at this time you can see the powder size and the uniform powder dispersion degree at both ends of the spray chamber. At this time, the powder runs in a straight line within 10cm of the tip of the spray claw, and the outside part is in the form of atomized powder. The powder adsorbed on the profile is actually the powder of the result of this atomization. Does this atomization exist? The resulting powder is used as a standard for holding the gap between the spray claw and the profile.
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