What problems should be paid attention to when extruding aluminum alloy profiles?

by:Zeyi     2021-07-26
What problems should be paid attention to when extruding aluminum alloy profiles?   1. Standardized process operation is a powerful guarantee to increase the yield. It is necessary to strictly implement that the three temperatures are not up to the standard and cannot be produced, and the center position of the mold is not moved to ensure an appropriate start-up speed. The shear rod is not too long to ensure that the process waste meets the specification requirements.  2. Reasonable framing can avoid crushing, which is an effective method to improve the yield: according to the different shapes of the product, the wall thickness is layered and the number of spacers per layer is increased to avoid product crushing.  3. The full work enthusiasm of employees is an important factor to improve and stabilize the yield. Any product is made by people, and people are the most important factor. As the saying goes, the workshop is like a battlefield. If employees can be refreshed, work in an orderly manner, and be busy but not chaotic, I believe the yield rate will increase. 4. The machine personnel must have strong quality awareness and comprehensive skills, strengthen the self-inspection of each process, prevent the production of batches of unqualified waste, and ensure that the unqualified will not be produced and the unqualified will not flow into the next process. Standardize the operation. Handle with care to prevent artificial scratches from the product.   5. The length of the sawing material should be accurate. To ensure the accuracy of the fixed length, pay attention to the fixed length baffle can not move every time when sawing, and the material head is unified in place.  6. u200bu200bShift combination planning and organization of production is an important factor in improving the yield rate. An excellent squeeze squad leader and strong organizational ability can not only complete the production plan, ensure that orders are delivered on time, but also increase the yield rate.  7. Teams with strong business skills can choose the mold wall thickness that meets the production schedule. Familiar with the mold usage is the key to improving the yield. If the wall thickness of the selected mold does not meet the scheduling requirements, and you are not familiar with the use of the mold, it will inevitably lead to frequent mold removal, and the yield will naturally be affected.   8. In the extrusion process, the selection of aluminum alloy casting rods that meet the schedule is the prerequisite for improving the yield rate.
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