What should be paid attention to after the oxidation treatment of industrial aluminum

by:Zeyi     2021-11-25
In order to produce a hard surface on the surface of industrial aluminum profile, manufacturers will oxidize some aluminum workpieces, so that the processing effect can not only improve the performance of the aluminum workpiece, but also improve the appearance of the workpiece. However, after aluminum oxidation treatment, we still need to pay attention to some problems, otherwise, the poor use of aluminum workpieces may even cause early damage to industrial aluminum profile materials. 1. Rinse with hot water. Hot water eye wash is an aging film, but the water temperature and time should be strictly controlled. If the water temperature is too high, the film layer becomes thinner and the color becomes lighter. Similar problems will occur when the treatment time is too long. The suitable temperature and time are: temperature 40× 50℃, time 0.5~1min. 2. Dry. Drying is best to dry naturally. The work piece of barley rinsed with hot water is tilted on the shelf so that the free water on the working surface flows in a straight line. The water droplets flowing down the corner are sucked away with a towel, and the color of the film dried in this way is not affected, which seems natural. 3. Aging. The aging method can be determined according to the climatic conditions. It can be exposed to the sun in the summer when there is sunshine, and the alumina can be baked in the oven in the rainy day or in the winter. The process conditions are: temperature 40×50℃, time 10~15min. 4. Repair of unqualified parts. Unqualified conductive oxide film parts should be selected before drying and aging, because it is difficult to remove the film after drying and aging, and it will affect the surface roughness of the workpiece. For unqualified workpieces, we can take the following simple measures to solve them. First, clamp the unqualified workpiece on the aluminum anodizing fixture, and then perform anodization in sulfuric acid solution for 2 minutes. After the film is soft and fall off, it is slightly cleaned with lye and extinguished by nitric acid, and then conductive anodization is performed. The aluminum cesium oxide technology requires that the workpiece must be cleaned with an organic solvent before it is transferred to the heat treatment or welding process, but this is not yet possible. Therefore, a layer of oily sintered coke is formed on the surface of the workpiece, which is difficult to remove in an organic solvent. If it is immersed in alkaline solution, it will cause local corrosion, pitting or uneven surface, which will seriously affect the quality of industrial aluminum profile products.
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