What should be paid attention to during the production of two-color aluminum profiles?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-27
(1) Choose a film with moderate viscosity. In the production of two-color aluminum profiles, the rational choice of film is the key. If the viscosity of the film is too low, it will not stick. The film is easy to fall off, which brings considerable difficulty to spraying. The viscosity of the film is too large, indicating that there is more glue on the film. When the film is torn off, the glue on the film is easy to stick to the profile, which affects the surface quality of the profile. On the other hand, when choosing the film, use glue as much as possible. The composition of the paint is consistent or close to the composition of the paint, which can reduce the impact on the color of the paint film.   (2) Choose a film with a moderate width and thickness; due to the complex cross-section of the aluminum profile, the wide and narrow appearance is large, it is easy to blow up the flash, which reduces the film's covering ability and affects the spraying quality. If the film is too narrow, it will not cover it, and obviously it cannot be sprayed. On the other hand, when choosing the film thickness, as long as it can cover and have elasticity, it is not necessary to choose too thick film, because too thick film will increase the production cost of aluminum profiles, and it is not necessary.   (3) Spray in time after sticking the film. After the profile is pasted, it should be sprayed in time, and the parking time is as short as possible. If the parking time is too long, the glue on the film will dry and lose its viscosity. Especially when the film is blown by the wind, the film will fall off, which will cause difficulty in spraying. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of filming and spraying, generally the parking time after filming should not exceed 16h.   (4) Determine the color, interface and boundary. Before the aluminum profile is sprayed, it is necessary to distinguish the color to be sprayed on each surface according to the use function of the profile and the customer's requirements (contract requirements), which surface is the interface, which line is the boundary, and where: general In other words, the inner side is a light color, and the outer side is a dark color. The film can only be applied after the interface, boundary and color requirements are clarified. Be careful not to paste the film in the wrong position. (5) Film quality: Film film is a key process in the processing of two-color aluminum profiles. The quality of the film directly affects the surface quality of the aluminum profile. It mainly includes the following square pictures: First, try not to use the film when applying the film. The formation of excessive tension means that the film cannot be deformed, otherwise the film will easily shrink after being pasted, causing no film at both ends of the aluminum profile; on the other hand, when the film at both ends of the aluminum profile is disconnected, use The blade cuts and cannot be pulled off, otherwise, the broken film will still shrink; second, the width of the film must be consistent with the width of the veneer. Generally, the width of the film is slightly larger than that of the aluminum profile. If the film is too wide , It exceeds the edge of the aluminum profile too much, and it is easy to be blown up by compressed air when spraying. If the film is too narrow and cannot be completely covered, obviously it will not work; fourth, when the veneer dividing line is at the edge of the groove, it must be filmed; The flash is pressed into the groove, otherwise, the airflow will easily blow up the film during spraying, which will affect the spraying quality of the aluminum profile. Fifth, when applying the film, the film must be flattened to prevent wrinkles, curling, etc.;  (6) Strict Carry out the filming process. The aluminum profile film must be applied after the first spraying. It is not allowed to directly apply the film after the profile is chromized. This is because there is glue on the film. If the film is directly attached to the chromium layer, the glue will stick to the chromium layer. , Or when tearing the film, the chrome layer will be torn off, which will greatly reduce the adhesion of the paint film, and ultimately affect the spraying quality of the aluminum profile, causing the paint film to fall off, and the consequences are unimaginable.   (7) Tear film time. After the aluminum profile is pasted and sprayed, the foil should be removed, but the foil should not be torn off immediately after spraying. The tearing of the film should be controlled. -Generally speaking, after spraying, after leveling, the paint film is basically solidified. This process should not be less than 10 minutes. Then the film can be peeled off. Otherwise, the paint film is not opened, and the film will easily fall on the aluminum profile during the process of tearing the film, which will affect the quality of the paint film. On the other hand, the action should be fast when tearing the film, so as not to affect the quality of the tearing film.   Therefore, it is necessary to carry out reasonable control during the spraying. When spraying for the first time, only need to focus on the surface, and the other side can be painted without or less. The second spraying is called, the flash sample should be sprayed as much as possible on the required surface, and other surfaces should not be sprayed or sprayed less. At the same time, it should be based on the first spraying situation and the selected paint color. Reasonably control the thickness of the second spray, but must ensure that the second spray has the same dredging effect as the previous spray.
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