What should be paid attention to when installing industrial aluminum profile shelves

by:Zeyi     2021-09-06
profile storage racks are customized storage rack products that are developed according to customer needs and combined with the shape and weight of the stored items; industrial aluminum profile racks have the characteristics of high carrying capacity and strong stability, and can be used according to different needs and carrying capacity Ability to choose industrial aluminum profiles of different specifications. Aluminum profile storage shelves are customized products according to customer needs, mainly considering the following aspects in combination with the use environment for customization; 1: Carrying capacity: aluminum profile shelves first need to consider the maximum load capacity of the shelf, and the carrying capacity determines the shelf during use. The stability of the shelf, under the condition of long-term overload, the stability of the shelf cannot be guaranteed 2: Frame structure: The frame structure of the aluminum profile shelf and the specifications of the industrial aluminum profile determine the carrying capacity of the shelf, and the designer needs to fully understand customer needs Carrying out selection design 3: Functionality: Aluminum profile shelves can achieve different functions according to the needs of use. Above is the introduction of 'What should be paid attention to when installing industrial aluminum profile shelves'. If you welcome questions about aluminum profiles, please consult!
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