What should be paid attention to when opening aluminum molds

by:Zeyi     2021-05-19
Many customers have a little understanding of aluminum extrusion mold opening, so there are some misunderstandings when facing aluminum extrusion mold opening, and communication with manufacturers is also some obstacles. Like yesterday, there was a customer who wanted to customize the heat sink, and the pictures he sent had to be in stock. When the salesman asked to open the mold, he was questioned by all kinds of questions. So what should you pay attention to when opening aluminum molds? First, aluminum mold opening is for those customized special-shaped materials. It is necessary to open molds, but like some national standard assembly line aluminum profiles, and some more conventional aluminum tubes and aluminum rods, it is not necessary Customized molds can often be found in stock. This process can take a little time to find the stock and save a lot of mold costs. Second, products that require customized mold opening are priced according to the cross-section of the product when the aluminum profile is extruded and mold-opened. The larger the cross-section, the more the mold cost will be spent. Third, the service life of aluminum extrusion molds. Generally speaking, a set of molds can squeeze about 10 tons of materials. The key lies in the design of the mold and the use of materials. 'What should you pay attention to when opening aluminum molds' is introduced here first, if you have any questions, welcome to consult!
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