What should I do if aluminum products encounter blistering and skinning on the surface?

by:Zeyi     2021-07-28
Convex bubbles appear on the surface of aluminum products, which are common on the head and tail. The complete ones are called bubbles, and the broken ones are called skins. The editor tells you how to deal with the blistering and skinning of aluminum products? 1. Reasons for bubbles and peeling of aluminum extrusion processing aluminum products 1. Extrusion cylinder and extrusion pad are worn out, the size of the extrusion cylinder and the extrusion pad are not properly matched, and the diameter difference of the used gasket exceeds the allowable value; 2. The extrusion cylinder and the extrusion pad are too dirty, with oil, moisture, graphite, etc.;   3, the lubricating oil contains water;   4. There are too many shovel grooves on the surface of the ingot, too deep, or there are pores and sand holes on the surface of the ingot , Loose structure, oil stains, etc.;   5, the inside of the barrel is not cleaned up when changing the alloy;   6, the temperature of the extrusion barrel and the extrusion casting temperature are too high;   7, the ingot temperature, the size exceeds the allowable negative deviation;   8, the ingot Too long, too fast filling, uneven ingot temperature, causing non-drum filling, so the exhaust in the cylinder is not complete, or the operation is improper, and the exhaust process is not performed;   9, the die hole design is unreasonable, or the residual material is improperly cut , The residual material in the diversion hole and the diversion hole is partially taken out, and the gas in the gap enters the surface when squeezed. 2. Methods to eliminate bubbles or peeling in extruded aluminum profile factory 1. Reasonably design the matching size of the extrusion cylinder and the extrusion gasket, and check the tool size frequently to ensure that it meets the requirements. If the extrusion cylinder has a big belly, it should be repaired in time. The mat should not be out of tolerance;   2, the surface of tools and ingots should be kept clean, smooth and dry;   3, completely clean the cylinder when changing alloys;   4, check equipment and instruments frequently to prevent excessive temperature and speed;   5, strictly implement Process regulations and various systems;   6. Reasonably design and manufacture tools and molds, with diversion holes and diversion holes designed to have an internal slope of 1°-3°;   7. Strict operation, correct cutting of residual materials and complete exhaust.
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