What should I do if there is water leakage when the aluminum alloy doors and windows are not firmly installed?

by:Zeyi     2021-10-29
The aluminum alloy door and window frame and the wall are cracked; the frame fan jitters when you push or open the door and window; under wind pressure or manual push and pull, the window frame deforms greatly and vibrates, giving people a sense of insecurity. The reasons for these quality problems are: 1. Improper selection of door and window profiles, small specifications, and thin profile thickness. 2. Improper connection and fixing method of door and window frame and wall. 3. When the combined doors and windows are spliced, the structure is unreasonable, the connection is not firm, and it deforms after being stressed. In order to solve these problems, the following precautions should be taken: 1. Aluminum alloy doors and windows should be selected according to the size and installation height of the doors and windows. For residential engineering aluminum alloy profiles, the flat windows are not less than 55 series; sliding windows are not less than 75 series; inner balcony flat windows are not less than 75 series. The wall thickness of aluminum alloy door and window profiles is not less than 1.4mm, and the wall thickness of aluminum alloy window profiles is not less than 2mm. 2. When installing door and window frames, connectors should be used to reliably connect to the wall. The distance between the connector and the frame corner should not be greater than 180mm, and the distance between the connectors should not be greater than 500mm. The connecting parts shall be made of not less than 1 sheet steel. The thickness is 5mm and should be treated with anti-corrosion. The connection method generally uses expansion bolts or open iron feet embedded in the wall, and the door and window frames must not be directly nailed to the wall with nails. 3. When installing combined doors and windows, attention should be paid to the reasonable setting of the middle and middle gears to ensure the overall rigidity of the connectors and the doors and windows. The specifications and spacing of the connectors meet the requirements, and the connections should be tight. In daily use, sometimes leakage occurs at the connection between aluminum alloy doors and windows and the wall, especially at the lower corner of the window, and then at the joint of the composite window. The reasons for the leakage are as follows: 1. There are cracks at the junction between the door and window frame and the wall, and the sealing material is installed without a sealant, and rainwater seeps into the room from the cracks. 2. When splicing doors and windows together, there are no sleeves, lap joints, and no sealant seals. In order to prevent leakage of door and window frames, corresponding measures should be taken during construction: 1. Because the thermal expansion coefficient of the aluminum alloy profile is different from that of the wall material, under the influence of temperature, capillary cracks are prone to appear at the junction of the frame and the wall. In order to prevent cracks and water seepage, the aluminum alloy door and window frame should be flexibly connected to the wall, the outside of the frame should be embedded with wooden strips, 5mm×8mm seams should be set, and the cement mortar should be in direct contact with the frame. During the construction process, the floating ash, mortar particles and other debris should be removed in the joint groove, and then sealant should be injected around the joints between the inner and outer walls of the frame. The glue injection should be continuous, leak-proof and firmly bonded. 2. When installing door and window components for splicing, plug-in or lap joint should be used, and the lap length shall not be less than 10mm, and then seal with sealant. Combination of plane and plane is strictly prohibited. At the same time, the exposed connecting screws should be buried and sealed to prevent water seepage. After installing aluminum alloy doors and windows, you can press the door and window frame to check. If it is found that the door and window frame vibration or deformation is greater than L≤200, it should be reinforced.
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