What should I pay attention to when spraying industrial aluminum?

by:Zeyi     2021-04-27
When spraying industrial aluminum materials, we need to choose the injection fixture and the way of loading. The fixtures hung at both ends should ensure that they can withstand considerable pressure. The fixtures used in the middle of the industrial aluminum materials should be made and processed as much as possible. It is possible to reduce the excessive contact area between the fixture and the surface of industrial aluminum. For some special industrial aluminum profile, we need to adjust the position of the fixture in time to enhance the stability during operation and facilitate the adsorption of powder on the surface of the industrial aluminum. The pre-treatment process of industrial aluminum profile spraying is much simpler than the ordinary pre-oxidation process, mainly degreasing and chromization, the consumption of raw materials is low, and the daily maintenance is also very easy. In order to improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption in the drying process, we can use larger racks and install as many profiles to be processed as possible. Before spraying, industrial aluminum can be sprayed several times in advance to play with the size of the key components and the uniformity of powder distribution. The spraying process of industrial aluminum profile is also a relatively common surface treatment process. We need to know the needs in the spraying process. Point of attention. This article comes from: edited and reproduced, be sure to indicate the source.
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