What to do if industrial aluminum profile rusts

by:Zeyi     2021-08-10
profiles are not easy to rust, which does not mean that they will not rust. If they are used improperly or the aluminum profile itself is unqualified, rust will also occur. Improper use is manifested in the use of strong acid and alkali detergent for cleaning or long-term damp environment; the unqualified aluminum profile itself is manifested in the thickness of the oxide film substandard or cracks on the surface of the profile. So in the case of rust, should you just replace it with a new one? You can choose to do this, of course, you can also refer to the following methods of rust removal: Generally, you can use physical rust removal and chemical rust removal. Among them, chemical rust removal measures mainly include the following two aspects: 1. Pickling and rust removal. When pickling and rust removal, the workpiece must be thoroughly degreasing to ensure the quality of rust removal. Because if the degreasing is not clean, it will affect the contact and reaction of the acid solution and the oxide film, resulting in incomplete rust removal, low efficiency, and long time. Using pickling to remove rust, the loss of the matrix material is small, and the operation is easy to control. The surface after rust removal is in a semi-bright state, without ash removal treatment, and can be directly colored or anodized, but if electroplating or electroless plating is required, it needs to go through processes such as zinc immersion. 2. Derusting with lye, the method of removal is mainly to remove in alkaline chemical solution. It can be determined according to the type of material and the surface condition of the workpiece of the industrial aluminum profile alloy profile. When the surface of the workpiece is very oily, the oil removal and film removal can be treated together. If the oil stain on the surface is heavy, you should remove the oil first, and then remove the oxide film. Otherwise, the oil removal and film removal will be incomplete, which will affect the subsequent processes and may reduce the quality of the surface treatment. The above is the main method of derusting industrial aluminum profiles. The rust removal treatment of industrial aluminum profiles can restore the aesthetics of the surface of the aluminum profiles and increase the service life of the industrial aluminum profiles. Each rust removal method has its own unique characteristics. After the deep processing of industrial aluminum alloy profiles, we should choose the appropriate rust removal method according to our actual production conditions to avoid the generation of rust. If you have any questions, please come to consult.
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