What to pay attention to for industrial aluminum step ladders

by:Zeyi     2021-07-17
profile can be made into a variety of products such as: non-standard aluminum profile frame, aluminum profile workbench, equipment hood, safety fence, industrial aluminum profile profile maintenance platform, stair step ladder. What we are going to share today is about industrial aluminum profile step ladders. What should we pay attention to when customizing industrial aluminum step ladders? Let's take a look together. 1. The selection of materials and application sites are different, and the specifications of aluminum profiles are also different. As the climbing ladder needs to bear a lot of weight, profiles with specifications above 4040 are generally used to customize. If the span is relatively large, it is necessary to choose profiles above 8080, and the load-bearing capacity can reach more than 3,500 kg. 2. The inclination angle of the step ladder The inclination angle of the climbing ladder can be determined according to the size of the site and the use scene. Generally, the range of the inclination angle of the climbing ladder is between 45 degrees and 60 degrees. 3. The choice of anti-skid board The main function of anti-skid board is to be non-slip. The material of anti-skid board is mostly aluminum alloy striped board. 4. Span and load-bearing climbing ladder If the span is relatively large, more load-bearing support is needed. Large-size aluminum profiles can be used for processing. The span is too large and the support is too small. The aluminum profiles are prone to bending and deformation. The above is a brief introduction of 'What do you need to pay attention to for industrial aluminum profile step ladders'. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult. We have been focusing on custom processing of industrial aluminum profiles for 16 years!
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