What to pay attention to when customizing industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-08-08
The customization of industrial aluminum profiles simply means that the existing standard profiles cannot meet the needs of customers. Customers need to customize an aluminum profile. With the popularization of aluminum profiles in the industry, aluminum profile customization has gradually become more frequent. , So what should we pay attention to when customizing industrial aluminum profiles? Let’s take a look at it together? 1. Is it necessary to customize aluminum profiles. If you customize industrial aluminum profile profiles as the outer frame of the equipment, it is recommended not to customize, because conventional industrial aluminum profiles It is high-quality frame aluminum profile, and there are many specifications, which can almost meet the needs of all frames. And a complete range of accessories. 2. The thicker the customized industrial aluminum profile, the better. Customized aluminum profile needs to play a certain load-bearing role, so when designing the drawings, it is designed to be particularly thick to achieve a larger load-bearing capacity. But the thicker the wall thickness is not the better. On the one hand, the thicker the wall, the higher the price, and the higher the price of aluminum alloy itself, which greatly increases the cost; on the other hand, the thicker the wall, the lower the hardness, like conventional The wall thickness of industrial aluminum profiles is mostly only 2mm, but its design is very reasonable and can meet higher load-bearing requirements. 3. Can you combine the two aluminum profiles into one type? Some customers want to save some mold fees or have other ideas. There are many types of customized aluminum profiles, which require a combination of multiple aluminum profiles. The designer of the client company will combine the two types of aluminum profiles. I think it can save a lot of things by combining two molds into one mold, but the wall thickness disparity is too large and it is very difficult to produce. 4. The custom aluminum profile mold belongs to whom the custom aluminum profile must be opened, and the mold opening fee is generally paid by the customer (if the annual purchase volume reaches a certain tonnage, it can be refunded). Then the ownership of the mold must belong to the customer, which is beyond doubt. However, the general customer will not take the mold away, but keep it in the manufacturer. The above is a brief introduction of 'What to pay attention to when customizing industrial aluminum profile profiles'. I hope to help you. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult!
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