What to pay attention to when processing aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-09-11
With the development of aluminum profile technology, the quality requirements for aluminum profiles are getting higher and higher. Especially in processing and production, we must pay attention to some points of attention. The following editor will talk about it. We should pay attention to when processing aluminum profiles. What are the problems? First of all, we need to understand the hardness of aluminum profiles. Not all aluminum materials are processed by one processing method. We need the hardness of the material and the needs of customers to choose the appropriate processing method. Second, attention must be paid to production safety and product quality during the processing of aluminum profiles. Operating the machine requires full attention to avoid production accidents. If you don't work carefully, it is easy to cause product quality deviation, or bumps during the processing of the profile, which affects the appearance and other reasons, resulting in the production of waste profiles. In fact, the precautions for aluminum profile processing are not the two major items, and these two issues are the ones that require the most attention.
The reason for using industrial aluminum profile profiles as guide rails for automation equipment
I believe that friends in the automation industry should be familiar with guide rails. Now the application of guide rail is very extensive. As a kind of guide, the guide rail is used to support and guide the moving parts to reciprocate in a given direction. With the advancement of Industry 4.0, more and more manufacturers use industrial aluminum profiles as guide rails. So why use industrial aluminum profiles as guide rails for automation equipment? This is mainly because as guide rails, the surface must be smooth and lubricants can be used to make the guide rails. Smooth passage of machinery and equipment. The aluminum alloy is extruded and then anodized, the surface is very smooth, and it is the best choice as a guide rail. In addition, aluminum alloy profiles have high hardness, and good aluminum profile manufacturers have particularly high processing precision, which fully meets the requirements of high-precision grades. In addition, aluminum alloy can be extruded into many profiles with complex cross-sections, and the cross-section can be designed to fit more practically according to the contact surface of the equipment. This is the end of the introduction to industrial aluminum profile profiles and guide rails. If you have any related questions, please consult!
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