What treatments need to be done before industrial aluminum profiles leave the factory

by:Zeyi     2021-08-13
in In recent years, the popularity of industrial aluminum profiles has remained high. Aluminum products can be seen everywhere in our lives. Aluminum products need to be processed through a variety of processes before they leave the factory. Let’s learn about some industrial aluminum profile profiles before they leave the factory. What treatments need to be done! 1. Deburring We all know that aluminum products are made by multiple processing techniques of machine compounding and pressing. The surface of aluminum profiles is required to be smooth and free of burrs. Therefore, industrial aluminum profiles will be made before leaving the factory. Artificial deburring, die deburring and electrolytic deburring are used to make the surface of the profile smooth and free of burrs. 2. Cleaning aluminum shavings profiles require a series of operations such as cutting, welding, and tapping before they are made into products. These operations will leave aluminum shavings on the surface of the aluminum profile products, so workers will use them before the products leave the factory. Proper method to clean aluminum shavings. 3. Clean oil stains because some aluminum materials need to go through processing techniques such as heat treatment and welding before making finished products. Therefore, the surface will be stained with a small amount of oil. In order to make the surface beautiful, lye can be used to gently wipe the aluminum surface. The above are the few treatments that aluminum profiles need to go through before they leave the factory. I hope they can help you. If you don't know anything, you can consult Metal Customer Service.
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