What type of aluminum veneer is used for curtain wall

by:Zeyi     2021-12-16
Aluminum veneer is more and more commonly used in construction, especially for exterior wall decoration, many of which use aluminum veneer curtain wall. Since so many people use it, it must have some distinctive advantages. The common raw material of aluminum veneer curtain wall is high-quality aluminum alloy plate, which is made by adding many techniques on the basis of aluminum alloy plate, such as punching, engraving, forming, welding, polishing, appearance treatment, etc. It has the characteristics of high strength, low cost and short life. Why use high-quality aluminum alloy plates? Since ordinary aluminum alloy plates are prone to cracks, the quality cannot be guaranteed. These types of aluminum veneer curtain walls are more commonly used, such as fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, honeycomb aluminum veneer, and wood grain aluminum veneer. Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer: In fact, this is mainly about surface treatment, that is, adding a fluorocarbon coating to the base of the aluminum veneer, the aluminum veneer is pickled, chromized (or anodized or electro-plated), and then The exterior is sprayed with fluorocarbon coating, which can be divided into indoor and outdoor. Ordinary fluorocarbon coating is sufficient for indoor spraying. Anti-aging and anti-UV molecules are added for outdoor time, which can resist sun, rain, and Ultraviolet rays are reflected, and the color does not change for many years, and some do not change color for 30 years. Honeycomb aluminum veneer: It is made by sandwiching a layer of honeycomb aluminum foil between two aluminum veneers and then bonding. Of course, it is very light and strong, which can be compared to a large-area curtain wall. Not only shock absorption, sound insulation, but also good heat conduction, not easy to deform. Wood grain aluminum veneer: usually transfer or paste a layer of high temperature film on the base of the aluminum veneer. Because the wood grain effect is realistic, it can be fake and real, and this kind of aluminum veneer is waterproof and moisture-proof, and easy to clean. So nowadays, indoor use is very popular, and many people like to use it in indoor decoration.
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