What types of aluminum profile workbenches can be divided by function

by:Zeyi     2021-06-09
Nowadays, the production workshops of all walks of life use aluminum profile workbenches. The functions of the aluminum profile workbenches are different because of the different production requirements of the factories. Today I will talk about the aluminum profile workbenches if they are classified according to their functions. How many types! Aluminum profile workbenches can be divided into the following categories: 1. Laboratory workbenches: mainly used in various laboratories, and play a certain auxiliary role in experimental work. 2. Anti-static workbench: It is an anti-static functional workbench, mainly used in the electronics industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It is built with anti-static rubber, MDF and aluminum frame. 3. Inspection workbench: a workbench assembled by installing other accessories such as a platform panel according to the operation requirements, which is mainly used to place products and facilitate the inspection of product quality. 4. Electrical workbench is a workbench related to electricity. It is assembled from other accessories such as load-bearing aluminum frame, tabletop, hoarding, etc. 5. Multifunctional workbench: similar to other workbenches, the main difference is that it has an assembly line workbench with a belt conveyor line and a smoke exhaust system . The above are several classifications of aluminum profile workbenches. For the production and processing of various aluminum profile workbenches, you can consult customer service if you need it!
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