What types of industrial aluminum accessories are divided into

by:Zeyi     2021-07-15
The industrial aluminum profile accessories are rich in variety, which can basically meet the needs of customers. The main accessories include bolts, nuts, corner pieces, connectors, end connecting plates, spacer connecting blocks, elastic fasteners, living hinges, hoof angles and casters, etc. . Bolts: There are mainly special bolts, special round head bolts, special round head bolts, flat machine bolts and T-bolts. Nuts: There are mainly flange nuts, square nuts, T-nuts and elastic nuts, which make the installation very simple and reliable. It is one of the most used accessories in the connection of profiles. Angle pieces: Angle pieces are commonly used connecting pieces for aluminum profiles. They are generally used for vertical or cross connection of aluminum profiles. There are mainly three types of commonly used angle pieces, strong angle pieces and steering angle pieces. The above is a brief introduction of ' profile accessories are divided into several categories'.
Matters needing attention in cutting industrial aluminum profile
We know that industrial aluminum profiles are long strips, usually 6 meters long, and need to be sawed according to the actual use size. So what should you pay attention to when cutting industrial aluminum profiles? 1. Choose professional saw blades. Because the hardness of industrial aluminum profile profiles is not as big as steel, it is relatively easy to saw, but because the hardness is not large enough, it is easy to stick to aluminum, so the blade It must be sharp and replaced after a period of use. 2. Choose a suitable lubricant. If you do not use the lubricant to cut directly, the cut surface of the aluminum profile will have many burrs, which is difficult to clean. And it hurts the saw blade. 3. Most industrial aluminum profiles are cut at right angles, and some require bevel cuts. 45 angles are common. When cutting the bevel, the angle must be controlled well, and it is best to use a CNC sawing machine to saw. This is the end of the introduction about 'Aluminum Profile Cutting'. If you have any questions, please contact us!
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