When aluminum profile extrusion machine processes aluminum profile products, we need to understand

by:Zeyi     2021-07-07
Aluminum profile manufacturers process aluminum profile products by using aluminum profile extrusion machines, so they say: aluminum profile extrusion machines are very important, then, what is the aluminum profile extrusion machine?   What is the feeding structure of the aluminum extrusion press? The feeding structure system of the aluminum extrusion machine is very important, and the function of each component is also different. In order to ensure the quality of the extrusion of the aluminum alloy profile, the uninterrupted and uniform feeding is the aluminum extrusion machine. An indispensable prerequisite for normal work. This is also one of the issues that everyone is more concerned about. Its structure has three points:   1, a horizontal form of parts, equipped with a hopper (the hopper is used to store the aluminum raw materials before extrusion).  2, a vertical type part, equipped with a hopper, (the hopper is used to store the raw material of the aluminum profile before extrusion).  3. Mixer (in order to avoid accumulation of raw materials during transportation, a large discharge port can also be used).   Aluminum extruder screw is one of the more important parts, so what structure is it assembled from? The screw is one of the more important parts in the aluminum extrusion machine. In addition to the screw, its overall structure is surrounded by a screw sleeve. The screw sleeve is usually equipped with a jacket. They are mainly used for heating circulation and cooling. The purpose of water work is to allow the aluminum profile extruder to better control the temperature of each part. The work of the screw determines the softening function strength of the profile when the aluminum extruder is running, and also determines the quality of the final product.
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