When replacing curtain wall glass, what aspects should be paid attention to when removing broken glass?

by:Zeyi     2022-02-05
When replacing curtain wall glass, what aspects should be paid attention to when removing broken glass? Because the position of the curtain wall glass is generally high, when replacing the curtain wall glass, the glass is generally delivered by a lifting machine, and at the same time, the broken glass is removed by the inside and outside personnel and the new glass is installed. For damaged glass, its main purpose is to prevent the glass from breaking and falling during the disassembly process to prevent casualties. First of all, according to the indoor damage or from the outdoor with the help of a window cleaner, use a strong adhesive paper to paste the broken surface to prevent the glass particles from falling off before or during the replacement of the glass, causing personnel and property losses. Secondly, when removing the damaged glass, we should take care to remove the buckle cover at the bottom of the glass. If it is a hidden frame, first cut off the 1/4 structural glue on both sides of the glass, fix the lower end of the glass with a 6mm tape, and then completely remove the glass The fixed facilities on both sides slowly lift the glass, slowly lower the glass with the help of a hoist, and then move the damaged glass to the room for processing. Construction personnel must do a good job in safety protection, work clothes, safety belts, gloves, protection from glass cutting, and cleaning of glass fragments. In addition, pay attention to the surrounding environment of the building, such as business districts or time periods with high crowds, and set up isolation areas to prevent people from entering. At the same time, if the weather is bad, such as heavy rain, construction in strong winds should be prohibited to ensure safety first. In short, the replacement of curtain wall glass is not only a work with a risk factor, but also a certain technical content. All curtain wall maintenance companies should do a good job in personnel training, and realize the perfect operation of construction without leaving safety hazards.
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