When we are faced with various aluminum profiles, how should we choose?

by:Zeyi     2021-11-13
As the saying goes: insiders look inside and outsiders join in the fun. This is a very painful thing, many friends would not choose aluminum doors and windows. There are many brands of aluminum profiles, and customers will be dazzled when they choose. Some customers think that local long-term stores want to buy; some customers have to decide to buy at a price; some customers want to buy on the track below; some customers want to follow friends Buy by introduction; some customers buy because they trust the brand. No matter what reason the customer buys, the customer will ultimately choose the aluminum profile he or she buys. So, when we are faced with various aluminum profiles, how should we choose? I summarize the choice of aluminum profiles into three points: appearance, touch and experience. 1. Look at this brand. See where the advantages of this brand lie. See what this brand believes. Second, look at the details of the work. Workmanship is the core of aluminum alloy windows. Each store has its own sample display window. The high-quality door and window equipment processes doors and windows with accurate interfaces, good texture, and no burrs. 3. Look at the surface and cut of the aluminum profile. The surface and incision of the high-quality aluminum profile are bright (as shown in the picture above), and the cut surface is neat, indicating that the surface of the aluminum profile is bright and bright (as shown in the picture above). Aluminum profile cutting equipment is good. 2. Aluminum profile has high alloy composition and high purity. On the contrary, the surface of the cut is black or non-shiny, so it means that the surface of the cut is black or not shiny. The alloy composition of the aluminum profile is not high, or it is made of aluminum ingots processed by secondary aluminum. 2. The aluminum profile equipment is not too big, or the blade of the equipment is dull. 4. Look at the strength, take two aluminum materials to collide, the high-strength aluminum profile will not have too much kowtow, the strength is poor, and large potholes are prone to appear. 5. Look at the strength of the processing workshop. The strength of the processing workshop depends on high-quality door and window processing equipment and high-quality aluminum profiles, supplemented by shop decoration and sample display. 6. Look at the wall thickness of aluminum profiles. The wall thickness of sliding windows is 1.2 mm according to the national standard, and the wall thickness of horizontal windows is 1.4 mm according to the national standard. 7. See if the aluminum drainage system is reasonable. You don’t need money to go to a door and window store to buy a door and window store. Door and window shops are afraid that customers will not be able to touch the doors and windows. why? Only if you touch the doors and windows yourself can you feel good or bad. Especially for doors and windows, touch is an essential step, of course, touch and knock on the door can be matched. 1. Touch the surface to see if the surface treatment process of the aluminum profile is consistent. Second, touch the sample window interface. Whether the interface is accurate, whether there are gaps, whether there are burrs. 3. Beat the aluminum profile. The sound of high-quality aluminum profiles is generally very thick. Door and window shops are most afraid that customers will not experience it. The purpose of the door and window shop exhibition hall is to let customers pass 1, 2, tactile and experience. Only in this way can customers better understand the product. Experience whether the windows open smoothly. The sliding window has heavy stability and low sound, indicating that the sliding window is of good quality. Difficulty pushing and pulling means that the adjustment of the sliding window wheel is not good, or the wheel needs to be replaced, or the aluminum profile is deformed. The push-pull feel is too light and the wheels are too smooth, indicating that the sliding window is too floating, and there is a willingness to fill the aluminum profile. Experience the flexibility of the window lock switch.
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