Where is Zeyi factory located?
Zeyi Aluminum Co., Ltd. is located in Renqiu city, Hebei province, near to Beijing city and Tianjin port. We has a factory which which provides very convenient transportation and offers easy access to raw materials. Covering an enlarged area, the factory is fully equipped with advanced production lines and high-end machines to satisfy the rapid growth of the industry. Located in a quiet and beautiful environment, the factory contributes to the positive attitude of employees and inspire them to work hard and innovatively. The location of the factory allows us to get easy access to the port, offering convenient and reliable transportation to customers.

After years of dedication to aluminum square pipe production, Zeyi has already become an expert with competence in R&D and manufacture. Zeyi focuses on providing a variety of industrial aluminum profile for customers. Fabric treatments adopted have improved the characteristics of Zeyi aluminium curtain rod. And these processes are carried out with highly sophisticated machinery and technologies. The product has the ability to absorb high dynamic loads. Some of the buyers say this product has helped improve the building structure that has been constructed to last for many years while still strong. One of the most prominent benefits of this product is its resistance to corrosion.

We strive to prevent and reduce environmental pollution by using appropriate technologies in our products and their design and manufacturing process.
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