Which fields are industrial aluminum products widely used in

by:Zeyi     2021-05-25
Production process: through casting, extrusion, oxidation coloring, electrophoresis, powder spraying, fluorocarbon spraying, mold, polishing, wood grain, wire drawing, sheet metal extrusion. This product has the advantages of beautiful appearance, wear resistance, sturdiness, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, etc. It is suitable for ergonomics, improves production efficiency and improves the working environment. The colors are: silver white, black, bronze, gold and stainless steel. Industrial aluminum products; widely used in electronics, machinery, chemicals, electric power, aerospace, military, shipbuilding, transportation, architectural decoration and other fields. Can produce: anti-static production line, copier flexible production line, digital camera assembly line, projector production line, motorcycle strategic assembly line, automobile assembly line, automobile air conditioner assembly line, computer host assembly line and other electronic product production lines. Workbenches: multifunctional antistatic workbenches, computer platforms, test benches and ordinary workbenches, material racks: storage racks, mobile racks, slide rail racks, pull racks, front drive racks, various antistatic steering vehicles, trolleys, tool carts , Test turntable, flat car, multi-layer bogie, etc. When we use aluminum, we will find that many materials will produce longitudinal flashing repeated disconnection on the surface, and serious direct disconnection. These cracks will seriously affect the performance of aluminum, as well as the reasons for this defect and related measures. The following detailed description is made on the China Standard Parts Network. Causes of surface cracks in aluminum profiles: (1) The extrusion coefficient of aluminum profiles is too large, the extrusion temperature is too high (three temperatures of rod, barrel, and die), and the extrusion speed is too fast. (2) The squeeze pressure is unstable, suddenly increases and decreases, or the speed difference between multi-gear speed adjustment is obvious, and the speed change when shifting is abrupt and fast. (3): When extruding aluminum alloy profiles, the head end is pressed too fast, the tail end runs fast or not slow, and a large amount of aluminum penetrates into the dead zone. (4) The quality of the bar is poor, the bar is burnt, the crystal grain is large and loose, and the residual pressure (V3 aluminum) is too thin. (5) It is unreasonable to design and manufacture the extrusion die with a serious imbalance in the speed ratio. Measures related to surface cracks of aluminum profiles: (1) Profiles with excessive extrusion coefficient can be produced on small machines with appropriate extrusion ratio; in addition, the extrusion temperature should be strictly controlled according to the requirements of the production process, and appropriate The extrusion speed. (2) The operator is concentrated, the speed is stable, the pressure cannot be high or low, and the gear is manually coordinated. (3) The front and rear ends of the aluminum profile stop printing are dead zones or V3 volume (aluminum rod surface layer) aluminum, which has many impurities, poor quality, and insufficient viscosity. Therefore, the extrusion speed of the die head and tail end should be slowed down. (4) The surface of aluminum bars should be fine, clean and oil-free, and the internal organization should meet the standards. Normal residue (accounting for 5% of the length of the bar). (5) Extrusion die designers should design and manufacture qualified die with uniform flow.
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