Which frame products can be built with aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-06-12
With its own advantages, industrial aluminum.com/products.html' target='_blank'>aluminum profiles are favored by various manufacturing industries, including automation technology manufacturing industries, logistics companies, automobile manufacturing, food companies, and chemical manufacturing industries. Different manufacturing industries have different products, and they can carry out flexible design schemes based on production requirements. This product is the actual main purpose of industrial aluminum profiles. Let's explain to everyone in detail what aluminum profile frame products can be built with aluminum profiles? 1. Workbench. Most of every manufacturing industry uses workbenches, which can also be called office desks or workbenches. There are many types of workbenches, and the natural environment for different types of workbenches is different. For example, the antistatic workbench can be used in the electronic device semiconductor material processing plant, and the production assembly line workbench can be used in the transfer wiring. profiles also have fluent strip workbenches that cooperate with automatic sorting equipment to ensure the first-in-first-out method of objects. 2. Guardrail partition. The guardrail partitions the application area, which is convenient for management and maintenance of equipment and staff safety. With different control panels, it can be used in different working environments. 3. Protective cover for mechanical equipment. Some mechanical equipment does not have a protective cover. It is very easy to have accidents in the application. At this time, it is necessary to install the main box or protective cover. The industrial aluminum profile protective cover is beautiful and generous and has high safety. 4. Structure support frame. In order for industrial equipment or instrument equipment to have a support point of the base, it is necessary to customize the structure or support frame, and install a universal wheel at the bottom to complete the movement. For example, the conveyor structure is made of industrial aluminum profile, which is convenient and quick to assemble and disassemble. 5. Ascending ladder maintenance service platform. The key is used in aerospace, high-speed train maintenance, mechanical equipment maintenance, etc. The overall frame shear wall is made of industrial aluminum profiles, with a load capacity of 2000-3000KG, and different pedals, which can be used in different venues. 6. Storage racks/material racks. Whether it is the warehousing logistics manufacturing industry or other industries, the application of storage shelves is inevitable. It has the effect of managing objects, clean and orderly. 7. Whiteboard rack display shelf. Whiteboard racks made of industrial aluminum profiles can be used in offices or processing plants to display and disseminate information content. The display shelf can be used outdoors or in the room. 8. Clean shed. The clean shed has relatively high requirements for the natural environment. After the industrial aluminum profile profile is solved by anodizing, it is anti-static, not easy to absorb dust, and is very easy to clean. It is the best choice for raw materials made in clean sheds. 9. Automobile inspection tools. Including car brackets, car display shelves, car driving seats, car inspection racks, etc., all can be made of aluminum profiles. The above is a brief introduction of 'What kind of frame products can be built with aluminum profiles'. If you have any questions, welcome to consult, 16 years of professional industrial aluminum profile profile custom processing service experts, trustworthy!
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