Which industrial aluminum profile manufacturer is better

by:Zeyi     2021-08-17
Many customers have such a question, which is the best industrial aluminum profile manufacturer? Is there any standard? There is a standard for judging everything and everything, and the industrial aluminum profile industry is no exception, so today I will sort out the industry for everyone. Which aluminum profile manufacturer is better? Which industrial aluminum profile manufacturer is better? 1. The extruder tonnage configuration is not complete. profiles involve a wide range of uses. Broadly speaking, all industrial aluminum profiles except for building doors and windows are industrial aluminum profiles. In a narrow sense, it refers to the assembly line aluminum profiles of the national standard and the European standard, for example, 4040, 4080, 8080, 6060, 6030 and other series of aluminum. Therefore, manufacturers must have a wide range of production capacity, which can basically meet more than 80% of production needs and capacity requirements. Therefore, industrial aluminum profile manufacturers must have the diversity of tonnage, which is also a very important assessment index. 2. Mould development ability profile manufacturers are involved in a wide range of areas, and most of their customers have strong customization requirements. This also places higher requirements on manufacturers and requires them to have the ability to develop molds. A certain amount of technical precipitation is required in mold development, which is also a manifestation of strength. 3. Control of raw materials Raw materials are related to the quality of the entire supply product chain. In the aluminum profile industry, although many manufacturers use raw materials to make a fuss, in the long run, this is also a commercial deception. Using recycled or relatively inferior raw materials can discourage some opponents in price, but its products are always difficult to withstand the test, so it is destined to be a race that cannot overtake on a curve. Overtaking on a curve will sooner or later overturn. The above is the relevant introduction of 'Which is the best industrial aluminum profile manufacturer'. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult. We have been focusing on custom processing services for industrial aluminum profiles for 16 years!
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